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Common Motor Vehicle Defects in Dallas

Common Motor Vehicle Defects in DallasEvery year vehicles become more advanced and safer. New technology is constantly improving and being integrated into vehicles. It would be logical to think that with the integration of new technology, defective motor vehicle wrecks would become obsolete. This is not the case. In fact, many times the new technology increases the risk factors of a defective vehicle.

Car wrecks in Dallas are often due to a motor vehicle defect. Unfortunately, accidents caused by defects can be quite dangerous. There are many vehicle parts and components that can be defective. Some of the most common motor vehicle defects in Dallas are:

  • Seatbelt malfunction – A seatbelt can malfunction in a number of ways. It can lock up after an accident, pinning the driver or passenger in the vehicle. It can also do the opposite—become unlatched, potentially ejecting the driver or passengers from the vehicle. Either one of these situations can be very dangerous.
  • Airbag defect – An airbag is designed to deploy upon impact, providing an instant safety blanket designed to reduce the risk of injuries. When the airbag fails to deploy, it leaves the driver and passengers at a greater risk of injury during a collision.
  • Tire defect – Tire defects are actually quite common. A defective tire is often the cause of rollover crashes. They can also make a vehicle slide out of control, causing the vehicle to collide with other vehicles or barriers.
  • Brake malfunction – Brakes play a vital role in the slowing and stopping of a vehicle. When a vehicle can’t properly slow or stop, it is likely that it will collide with other vehicles.

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