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Common Airbag Defects that Cause Injury

Common Airbag Defects that Cause InjuryAirbags have become extremely complex and advanced mechanisms, and they are installed in every newly manufactured vehicle. They now cover a large area of the car—from the doors, to the dashboard, to seatbelts—in case an accident occurs. However, airbags cannot detect seat position or seatbelt use to determine whether the bag should deploy.

Although airbags have been very successful in the prevention of injury and death, they do not always work correctly. Airbag malfunctions are a motor vehicle defect which can be very dangerous to a driver and his or her passengers.

Types of Airbag Defects

  • Inadvertent deployment. Occasionally, an airbag will deploy when it shouldn’t, which can be extremely dangerous. It can cause injury, and may even cause the driver to crash.
  • Late deployment. Airbags are designed to deploy within milliseconds of a car crash. Sensor placement problems, components not properly working, and airbag algorithm problems can cause the airbag to deploy after the short window of effectiveness. A late-deploying airbag not only defeats the purpose of the airbag, but also can cause further injury in a crash.
  • Failure to deploy. Most airbags are designed to deploy in moderate to severe accidents. Therefore, they will not deploy in every type of accident. When the accident is moderate to severe and an airbag does not deploy, it leaves the driver and passengers vulnerable to injuries.

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