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Catastrophic Injuries from an Accident have Lifelong Consequences

Catastrophic Injuries from an Accident have Lifelong ConsequencesWe understand only too well the lifelong consequences of being seriously injured in a Dallas car wreck, 18 wheeler truck wreck in Dallas, or other serious traffic accidents. Most obviously, there are the immediate financial costs associated with being hurt in a crash. ER doctors, hospital rooms and follow-up physical therapy or chiropractic treatment all add up to very expensive medical bills. This sudden and unexpected expense is made even worse by the fact that you are likely going to be forced to miss considerable work, meaning you are going to lose some of the regular income you already depend on to cover your mortgage payments, buy groceries, etc. It is hardly surprising to learn that unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy not just in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, but indeed throughout Texas.

However, it is not just the financial expense caused by a Dallas car accident which can effect your quality of life in the long term. There is also the very real yet intangible cost of the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your injuries. Texas law gives you the right to pursue additional compensation for these inevitable side effects of suffering a serious injury.

Suppose that you were fortunate enough to survive a side-impact collision when some idiot ignored a stop sign and hit you broadside at an intersection. You would likely have suffered a range of injuries, each of which might have its own separate impact on your psychological state or your quality of life long after the accident occurred. Even a relatively minor back or neck injury can result in ongoing pain which can make it difficult to perform simple chores which posed no problem to you before the accident; carrying in the groceries; mowing the lawn; throwing a football with your kid. If this loss of enjoyment of life is a direct consequence of the injuries you sustained in your accident, then Texas law grants you the right to claim compensation.

Similarly, if a semi-truck smashed into you, causing the windshield to explode, showering you with broken glass, you can claim compensation for the trauma of being left with numerous facial lacerations which scar but never completely heal. This can have a tremendously negative effect on someone, both physically and psychologically. As such, you are entitled to recover monetary damages because of it.

Children who have suffered catastrophic injuries in a wreck are particularly liable to suffer lifelong mental trauma as a result of injuries they have sustained in an accident. Since they are minors, however, it is up to their parents to pursue a personal injury claim on their behalf. Your child is depending on you to protect their legal rights. Before you attempt to negotiate with the insurance representative on your own, you should make sure that you consult with the Dallas personal injury attorneys at Guajardo & Marks at 972.774.9800, so that you are fully aware of your legal rights.