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Catastrophic Injuries and Death Require High Compensation

Catastrophic Injuries and Death Require High CompensationSerious injury and wrongful death cases bring extreme loss to individuals and families. Because of this catastrophic injuries and death require high compensation to help the victims and families cope with the life-changing event.  Who can make insurers fully understand the extent of your loss? How do you “quantify” the economic and emotional loss when you lose a family member? And who can anticipate future medical expenses that can ensue years and even decades after a catastrophic injury?

At the Dallas personal injury law firm of Guajardo & Marks we have handled numerous cases involving wrongful death and serious personal injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and open and closed head injuries
  • Cognitive, vision and hearing issues
  • Spinal cord/back/disc/neck/herniated disc injuries
  • Quadriplegia, paraplegia and paralysis

We have handled injury cases resulting from a broad range of accidents, including truck accidents, car wrecks, industrial explosions, construction site accidents, dangerous machinery, slip and fall accidents and industrial fires. We are skilled at proving liability through investigation, formal discovery and depositions. We also work closely with doctors and other medical professionals to document the injuries involved and we use economic and medical experts to quantify the damages that have been incurred.

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