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A Dallas Construction Injury Attorney Can Help With Crane Accidents

A Dallas Construction Injury Attorney Can Help With Crane AccidentsThe DFW area sees its fair share of construction, such as the construction of new or revamped parking lots, buildings and skyscrapers. Unfortunately, because of the large cranes and machinery being used, many hazards are made present. Some of which could cause a serious accident resulting in either death or dismemberment. Crane operators, other construction workers and the general public are at risk when crane activity is taking place at a Dallas construction site. If you or someone you love has been injured in a DFW construction accident involving a crane or other large piece of machinery, it is important you speak with a Dallas construction injury attorney as soon as possible to ensure you fully understand the legal rights available to you under Texas law. Do not hesitate to consult with a lawyer even if you are covered under your employer’s workers comp policy – there may be other avenues of additional compensation open to you, which will compensate you for the things that workers comp will not.

Possible Accidents Associated with Crane Use

Although cranes are an important tool during major construction work around the DFW area, they also pose many risks to those around them due to their huge size and weight. For instance, a crane could swing around and crash into a building or hit an electrical power line; a load could come loose off a crane and fall onto the ground if it was not secured correctly.; or the crane itself could potentially collapse. So, as you can see, there are many possible accidents that could occur when cranes are being used. Some of these accidents could even result in catastrophic injuries and/or fatalities. It would be in your best interest to speak with a Dallas construction injury attorney if you have been involved in a crane-related accident.

What is OSHA?

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They have very specific guidelines meant to help prevent crane-related construction accidents. These include:

  • Mandatory inspection of the crane before each use (this is to ensure it is up to code)
  • Ensure the placement of the crane does not put it at risk of striking an electrical line or other potential hazard
  • Employers must comply with all manufacturer instructions and guidelines regarding the safe operation of the machinery
  • Employers must take measures to make all warnings and instruction visible and accessible to the crane operator

If your employer failed to provide a safe working environment then they it might be possible for you to take legal action against them in order to recover damages.

Contact a Construction Injury Attorney for Help Today

An experienced lawyer can help you if you have been a victim of a construction site accident involving cranes or other heavy, large machinery. Under Texas law, the construction company in charge of the crane’s safe operation is responsible for preventing such accidents from occurring; however, it is imperative you speak with a DFW personal injury lawyer because it is possible another negligent party may be found at fault. Every accident is unique. A Dallas construction accident attorney can determine all liable insurance policies which you might make a claim against. Due to the busy nature of construction sites, a number of different parties could be to blame for your accident.

Although we do not handle workers comp claims, we welcome you to call us to discuss your case. Regardless of whether or not your employer has workers comp insurance, a Dallas lawyer will be able to help you identify what damages you might be able to recover – either against your employer or another party. If you or a family member has been injured in a crane accident, contact the Dallas personal injury attorneys at Guajardo & Marks for a free initial consultation. Call toll free at 877-290-1382 or locally in Dallas at 972-774-9800.