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Are Airbag Defects Common in Car Accidents?

Airbag Defects Common in Car AccidentsDriving a defective vehicle in Dallas can be like a ticking time bomb. It is just a matter of time until serious injury—or, even death—occurs due to the defect. The unfortunate thing is many times the vehicle owner is unaware of any problem until it is too late. Oftentimes, the vehicle owner finds out his or her vehicle is defective after an accident.
When safety features such as an airbag are defective, the results are deadly. For instance, when an airbag does not deploy during a crash due to a defect, the driver or passenger is in much greater risk. A defective airbag also may cause the airbag to inadvertently deploy, causing the driver to crash or become injured by the bag itself.

Some of the statistics related to the airbag defects common in car accidents include:

  • Children and defective airbags. Children often are saved by airbags. However, when the airbag is defective, it can cause the child to be killed. From 1990 to 2007, 180 children were killed due to defective airbags.
  • Total deaths due to defective airbags. Whether the defective airbag was one which deployed inadvertently or one which did not deploy during a crash, it can lead to death. The total deaths caused by airbags from 1990 to 2007 were estimated at nearly 300.
  • Recalls due to defective airbags. Nearly 50 automotive manufacturers have recalled at least one vehicle model due to defective airbags.

If you discovered your airbag is defective and it caused you harm or damage, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a Dallas motor vehicle defect attorney at Guajardo and Marks to discuss your legal options. Call 972-774-9800 today for a free case evaluation.