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Why do Wrong Way Accidents Happen in Dallas?

Why do Wrong Way Accidents Happen in Dallas? It seems as if every week there is a report of a wrong-way accident on the freeways and interstates of Dallas. While these accidents can be caused by many driving behaviors, most often the wrong-way driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One possible answer as to why we hear about so many wrong-way accidents in Dallas is that we have a fairly high rate of drunk driving crashes. In fact, one study found that Dallas has the highest rate of deaths caused by a drunk driver in the entire nation.

Since most wrong-way accidents are caused by drunk drivers, and Dallas has such a high rate of drunk drivers, it’s not hard to see why so many people are being killed and hurt during a wrong-way crash in Dallas.

What is Texas Doing About it?

Currently, the Texas Department of Transportation is working on a research project that would help them determine the best ways to prevent wrong-way crashes. The study should begin in September and will hopefully help to stop these accidents from occurring on the freeways and interstates in and around Dallas.

As a Dallas personal injury attorney, I have seen the impact that wrong-way, head-on crashes have on the lives of accident victims. The staff and attorneys at the Dallas car accident law firm of Guajardo & Marks hope that TxDOT does all it can to stop the rash of dangerous, deadly, wrong-way crashes in Dallas.