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Why Do So Many Texas Construction Workers Suffer Amputation Injuries?

Texas Construction Workers Suffer Amputation InjuriesThere are many ways that construction workers can end up suffering from an on the job amputation injury. Common causes of these serious injuries include being:

  • Crushed by construction materials such as heavy stone, concrete blocks or wood
  • Crushed by construction equipment such as a crane, backhoe or bulldozer
  • Cut by a saw or blade on heavy equipment
  • Caught in machinery

Because all of the above risks are common on construction sites, the chance that a construction worker will suffer from an amputation injury is relatively high. As Dallas construction accident attorneys, we have seen many workers suffer after losing a body part. We know that the real trauma extends well beyond the site of the injury and often affects every part of the accident victim’s life.

Serious Help for Seriously Injured Workers

By specializing in Texas construction site accidents, our lawyers are better able to understand the true impact of your injuries. We have the experience and the passion to fight hard for our clients, taking the case to court if need be. The law firm of Guajardo & Marks wants you to get the money you need to pay your current medical bills and cover ongoing medical treatments, surgeries and therapies. If you have suffered from a Dallas amputation accident or other job-site injury, do not settle for less than you deserve. Call a compassionate and determined attorney at 972-774-9800 today.