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Who Can be Held Liable for an Auto Defect in Dallas?

Purchasing a vehicle is a big deal. Next to a house, it is one of the biggest purchases a person will make in his or her lifetime. The feeling that this large purchase brings is such a joyous, proud and accomplished feeling. The new car smell is a smell that you will cherish and enjoy for as long as it lasts.

Because of the feelings that come with purchasing a vehicle, it makes it even more difficult to deal with the emotions when something goes wrong with the vehicle. It is even worse when a defective vehicle causes you to crash and become injured. When a vehicle is defective, there are a number of parties that may be held responsible for the crash and injuries.

Some of the parties that can be held liable for an auto defect in Dallas are:

  • Auto manufacturer—Usually at the heart of the problem is the car manufacturer. The manufacturer is responsible for delivering a vehicle that will be safe for customers and the public.
  • Parts manufacturer—If the accident is caused by a specific part you purchased, such as a battery or tire, the manufacturer of the part in question may be held responsible in a claim.
  • Car dealership—The dealership can be held responsible for the damages, even if you were not the purchaser of the vehicle.
  • Middleman—The shipper—or middleman—of the defective parts can be included in a claim. Any party that had contact with the part, from manufacturer to retailer, may be at fault.

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