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Which Car Company has Issued the Most Recalls?

Which Car Company has issued the Most Recalls?While Toyota leads the pack with the most auto recalls in 2010, many other car companies issued major recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that, in 2010 alone, 20.3 million vehicles were affected by a recall. The companies that made the not-so-distinguished list were:

  • Toyota: The Toyota recall numbers also include recalls affecting Lexus and Scion. There were 19 recall campaigns that covered 7.1 million vehicles.
  • General Motors: GM recalled a total of 4 million vehicles in 2010 in 21 recall campaigns.
  • Honda: Together, Honda and Acura recalls affected 2.4 million vehicles. 15 recall campaigns were issued last year.
  • Nissan: Nissan and Infinity recalled 2.1 million vehicles. The vehicles were recalled during 16 recall campaigns.

When a Recall is Too Late

While recalls can help keep motorists safe, too many times the recalls are only issued after consumers have reported major issues with their cars. It is crucial that each time a car or auto part defect is suspected, the owner of the vehicle reports those suspicions. Only when consumers speak up about their concerns and stop buying cars with a record of dangerous defects can change occur.

If you have been injured during a Texas automobile accident and you suspect that your injuries were made worse by a car defect, please contact a Dallas auto defect attorney immediately. In these cases, it is important that the car is inspected as soon as possible and that any defects are reported right away. Doing so can help you win your case, as well as possibly prevent further accidents and save lives. Call our office at 972-774-9800 to schedule your free consultation today.