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What Can Trucking Companies do to Prevent Accidents in Texas?

What can trucking companies do to prevent accidents in Texas?Trucking companies do not want to cause an accident in Texas. However, too often, they do so by putting profits over people. They make schedules for their drivers that are impossible to keep, forcing truck drivers to make a choice between safety and their job. Some companies will fudge inspection and maintenance reports in order to keep trucks on the road. Both of these actions save the company a lot of money-but at what cost?

The Cost of a Commercial Trucking Accident in Texas

There are many factors when considering the true cost of an accident with a semi-truck. Most obviously, there is the cost of treating the injured. In the most serious accidents, the cost of human lives represents a cost that is impossible to measure. In addition, there is the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicles involved in the crash. There is also the cost of responding to the accident, cleaning up any toxic or dangerous spills and redirecting traffic away from the accident scene.

All told, large truck accidents cost American tax payers millions of dollars each year. Who should be held responsible for the high cost of truck accidents?

When 18-Wheelers Cause Accidents

While accidents can be caused by at fault motorists, too many are caused by driver error and equipment failure. In these cases, the trucker and the company he drives for must be held responsible. One way to ensure that they pay for their mistake is to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you have been hurt or you have lost a loved one during an accident with a semi-truck in Dallas, do not hesitate to contact an attorney.

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