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What are the Dangers of 18 Wheeler Rollover Accidents?

Dangers of 18 Wheeler Rollover AccidentsClearly, any accident with an 18-wheeler in Dallas—or anywhere, for that matter—is serious. However, there are specific dangers that are associated with a semi truck that loses control and tips over.

During a recent semi-truck crash in Dallas, the truck’s cab and trailer tipped over while entering the highway, crushing a car beneath it and pushing an SUV over the median. Miraculously, though the driver of the crushed car suffered a broken back, he survived.

In other accidents, the truck may not crush other vehicles, but still causes serious damage. Often, the truck will overturn on a major highway, sometimes on a curve. This type of accident has the potential to cause cars to not just crash into the truck as they come around the turn, but into one another as they come upon the scene of the accident.

The Often Overlooked Dangers of 18 Wheeler Rollover Accidents

In addition to the risk of injury due to a crashed truck, there is the possibility of the overturned truck spilling its load onto the roadway. The spilled load could be anything, to include:

  • Highly flammable materials
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Slippery liquids
  • Environmental hazards

When the material inside the truck is dangerous, it has the potential to do serious, long-lasting damage. This is a threat not only to you and to your safety as a motorist, but to anyone and anything that relies on water and soil near and downstream from the spill site.

If you have been in an accident with a semi truck in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, you already know the terrible impact it has had on your life. Do not be left without the money you need to get your life back on track, ND to help you and your family recover from your injuries.

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