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Is the Insurance Company Offering me Fair Compensation?

No matter where your accident took place, Dallas, Denton or anywhere in Texas, the insurance company has a specific formula that they use to decide how much compensation they are going to offer you. Here’s the thing- 99% of the time the offer they give you is too low; too low to pay your current and future medical bills, too low to cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle, too low to make up for lost wages. Just too low.

The insurance agency, no matter how kind and helpful their agents seem, are out to give you as little money as possible. They are not concerned about your needs, they are concerned about their bottom line. Period.

We urge you: After an accident do NOT sign any insurance forms. Doing so can seriously limit your ability to get the compensation you need. For aggressive representation that you can trust, contact our auto wreck lawyers at Guajardo & Marks for your free consultation. We are ready and willing to get the insurance company off your back, to stop the phone calls and get you the compensation you deserve.