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Is the Insurance Company Offering me Enough for my Dallas Car Wreck?

Is the Insurance Company Offering me Enough for my Dallas Car Wreck?If you have been hurt during a Dallas car crash and the insurance company—that of the other driver or your own—has offered you a settlement, the answer is probably no. Car insurance companies are not charitable organizations, looking to give you a handout. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and they are out to make money.

To do this, they do everything in their power to get you to settle for less than they know your case is worth. Every dollar they short an accident victim is another dollar they get to keep. Do not allow the insurance company to take your money and run. 

Accident Victims With an Attorney Usually Get More Money

In general, accident victims who choose to enlist the help of a Dallas personal injury lawyer get more compensation than those who choose to go it alone. Insurance companies will push accident victims to settle before they get a lawyer.

They will use any method they can to convince you that their offer is fair. They know very well that as soon as you sign on that dotted line, without the advice of an attorney there is little you can do to get more compensation.

  • Medical bills more than expected? Too bad
  • Car repairs higher than estimated? Too bad
  • Special care needed for an accident related disability? Too bad

Please, do not allow the insurance company to talk you into a too low settlement. Before signing anything, we urge you to call 972-774-9800 to speak with an experienced Dallas car accident attorney. The call is free, the consultation is free and they just may end up saving you a lot of money.