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Is a Slip and Fall Considered a Dallas Construction Site Accident?

Is a Slip and Fall Considered a Dallas Construction Site Accident?Being hurt during a slip and fall accident on a Texas construction site is considered an on-the-job injury. While a slip and fall accident can happen at any workplace, construction workers are particularly at risk for this type of accident.

The reason for this increased risk is the fact that construction workers are often exposed to slippery surfaces. Common causes of construction site slip and fall accidents include:

  • Slick surfaces, such as newly polished flooring
  • Wet surfaces, such as slick concrete after a rain
  • Liquid spills (e.g. paint, solvents, and grease)

Not only are workers at risk from the slip and fall itself, some of the liquids that cause slips and falls can also be hazardous to their health. Construction work often requires using strong chemical solvents. These toxic substances can cause chemical burns. In addition, the fumes from the solvents can injure the lungs.

The Help You Need From Experienced Attorneys

If you have been hurt during an accident on a Dallas construction site, how can you be sure that you have the money you need to pay your medical bills? What about the cost of ongoing medical care, lost wages, and the inability to return to your job?

Only a Dallas construction accident attorney with experience handling Texas jobsite injury cases can help ensure that your best interests are represented. Do not be left injured, alone, and without them money you need to move on with your life. Call 877.290.1382 to speak with an experienced and aggressive Dallas work injury attorney.