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Injuries Caused by Runoff Car Accidents in Dallas

Injuries Caused by Runoff Car Accidents in DallasPerhaps it will come as a surprise to you that runoff car wrecks in Dallas are quite common. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 16 percent of crashes in the United States are runoff accidents. These accidents can be very dangerous.

Many runoff accidents result in the driver or passenger sustaining severe injury, leading to lifelong complications. The majority of these injuries are a result of vehicles colliding with trees or other obstacles on the side of the road. In recent years, many state and city governments around the nation have installed guard rails near cliffs and in certain areas prone to runoffs.

Common injuries caused by runoff car accidents in Dallas

  • Neck injuries. The force of a runoff crash can cause the body to move suddenly in a way in which it was not prepared to move. Sudden, forceful movements to the neck can cause it to become injured. Whiplash, strained neck, sprained neck, and broken neck are common neck injuries caused by a runoff accident.
  • Back injuries. The back is a very delicate part of the body. A sprained back, broken back, pinched nerves, or a slipped disc are common back injuries associated runoffs.
  • Head injuries. Hitting a tree or another obstacle can cause the head to bang against something in the vehicle, resulting in a head injury. Head injuries can range from small cuts to severe brain damage.
  • Broken bones. Like many other types of accidents, the impact to the body can cause bones to break.

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