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How do I Prove a Defect Caused my Dallas Car Accident?

Time and time again accidents victims have called, concerned that something was not quite right with their Dallas, Texas car accident. Too often they feel as if they are just imagining things, imagining that in the chaotic moments surrounding their accident their brakes didn’t function properly, the gas pedal became stuck or their seatbelt didn’t protect them as it should. But the nagging suspicion that something was wrong won’t go away. That’s where we take over.

In order to prove that your accident, or the accident of a loved one, was caused or made worse by a defective car part or design, you’ll need an attorney, but not just any attorney. What you need is an attorney who capable of taking on the car manufacturer and winning. The car maker will come with a team of attorneys, ready to discredit your claim and leave you without the money you need to pay for your medical bills and a new vehicle. They have their attorneys and experts; who do you have?

To speak with an attorney who has had success with big, hard to win cases, contact an experienced, aggressive Texas auto defect lawyer at Guajardo & Marks today. The consultation is free and if we take your case we will stop at nothing to get you the compensation you deserve. Call today. 1.877.290.1382