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How Do I Know I am Getting the Best Dallas Lawyer for My Accident Case?

Unless you bring your case to every single personal injury attorney in Dallas, allow them to negotiate a settlement or take it to trial, and then compare the results, there is no way to guarantee that you have found the best lawyer for your car accident case. That being said, there are ways that you can eliminate some attorneys, narrow down the field, and find the very best attorney for you.

Phone a Friend

It’s a good idea to get references from a friend. Whether the feedback from a friend is positive or negative, the advice can help inform your decision. If you do not know anyone who has experience with local attorneys, visit a law firm’s website or call and ask for references. In some cases, you may even be able to speak with a former client or two and find out just why they were so happy with the legal care they received.

Question a Potential Attorney – It’s Your Right!

You have every right to ask a lawyer about their experience, the types of cases they win, and their success stories. Also, speaking with an attorney can give you an idea of their style and personality. You will be spending a lot of time with this person and it is important that you are comfortable with them and confident in their ability to handle your case.

You have the right to find and hire an attorney who is willing and able to work hard for you and get maximum compensation for your injuries. The Dallas car accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks are ready and willing to answer all of your questions. They will handle your case with compassion, offering the highest level of legal expertise. Please do not hesitate to call today for your free consultation.