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Does my Employer have to Protect me from Dangerous Weather?

In some instances, yes. OSHA only has rules that cover exposure to the damaging ultraviolet rays many construction workers are exposed to. However, this doesn’t mean that the subcontractors, job site foremen, or employers are exempt from protecting you against weather hazards.

In Dallas, the most serious weather hazard is a severe storm. As a Dallas construction accident attorney, I have seen the damage these intense storms can do to not only buildings, but to people as well.

Too often, workers are asked to stay at a job site longer than they should. In some instances, it is implied that if they quit for the day due to threatening weather or extreme heat or cold they will be fired. Fearing the loss of their job, they continue to work, even though they know that the situation is not safe.

Determining Fault After a Texas Construction Site Accident

Proving who caused a job site accident, or made it worse, can be very tricky. It’s often your word against your employer’s, with other employees keeping quiet for fear of losing their jobs. These same fears may keep you from reporting your accident or filing for compensation. This is not right.

You should not be made to fear for your job just because you have been hurt at work. As Dallas construction accident attorneys, it is our job to prove fault—to show that your life was put at risk and that your employer is responsible for your injuries.

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