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Does Experience Matter when Choosing a Truck Wreck Lawyer?

If you were about to have major surgery, would you want a doctor fresh out of medical school, attempting the surgery for the first time? Would you be willing to risk your life to give her a little experience? Most likely, the answer is no.

While truck accident attorneys are not surgeons, and do not have the lives of their clients in their hands and they do have the ability to forever alter an accident victim’s life. An inexperienced Dallas accident lawyer has not seen the impact that large trucks have on so many in our city. They do not have the skills and the reputation needed to get maximum compensation for their client’s injuries.

At Guajardo & Marks, our Dallas 18 wheeler truck wreck lawyers are known as tough defenders of their clients’ rights. This means that before the case even goes to a judge, the insurance company already knows what they are up against and are more willing to offer a fair settlement.

Giving the new guy a chance to test his legal skills is a nice gesture, but are you willing to let him test his skills on

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