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Do Defects cause Vehicle Fires?

Do Defects cause Vehicle Fires?Yes, and more often than you might think.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the majority of highway vehicle fires are caused by a mechanical failure or malfunction. This means the fires were not caused by an accident or by a driver dropping a cigarette in the car; instead, they happened because someone produced and installed a bad part.

When Bad Parts Come Standard

Too often, automakers sacrifice quality. In the name of larger profits, they may worry less about the safety of their vehicles and more about how cheaply they can manufacture and install the parts.

One example of a bad part causing a massive recall is that of the Ford Escape. After three of the small SUVs caught fire, one while its new owner was behind the wheel, a recall was initiated. The company asked that all owners stop driving their brand-new vehicles immediately and requested that dealerships arrange to have the defective vehicles towed in for repairs.

The problem that led to the recall was a faulty fuel line—a very serious and very dangerous issue indeed. So why did the carmaker allow a defective part, particularly one that could have a disastrous impact, to be installed in its vehicles? Only time, and perhaps an investigation, will tell.

As experienced Dallas auto defect lawyers, we have seen this same tale again and again. New, supposedly safe cars plagued by dangerous defects. It’s no surprise to us, but that doesn’t make it OK.

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