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Did a Blown Tire Cause my Dallas Semi Truck Accident?

Did a Blown Tire Cause my Dallas Semi Truck Accident?Yes, it is entirely possible that a blown tire on the 18 wheeler caused the crash.

Not only can a blown tire cause the truck to veer out of control, but also debris from the shredded tire has the potential to cause an accident. When the tire shreds, pieces of the tire can fly into the air for quite some distance.

Depending on conditions, a blown truck tire can strike a car, breaking the windshield. Other times, pieces of the tire litter the highway, making it impossible to avoid running over them. This also can cause an accident or damage your vehicle.

Tires are most likely to blow when the truck is traveling at high rates of speed. This makes an already dangerous situation worse, as a tire can blow when the truck is traveling at upwards of 75 mph, sending the big rig careening out of control.

Perhaps you believe that the semi truck that hit you had a tire problem. If so, what should you do?

Proving Fault in a Texas Truck Accident

It can be difficult to prove that a faulty, blown tire caused an accident. Without the resources and experience to fight large trucking companies and their insurers, many law firms fail at protecting the rights of their clients.

At our Dallas truck accident law firm, we have the resources it takes to help our clients get the money they need to recover from their accident. We have accident scene reconstruction experts at the ready and can dedicate the time and money required to help get our clients the compensation they need.

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