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Can I be Sued if my Kid Wrecks my Car?

Maybe.  If your son or daughter causes a wreck with another motorist and your son or daughter was negligent in causing the wreck, you could be potentially liable as well.  Texas law provides for a cause of action against the owner of a vehicle who “negligently entrusts” that vehicle to a driver that the owner knows is either an unlicensed driver, or a reckless or incompetent driver.  Whether a driver is deemed to be “reckless” or “incompetent” is a factual determination.

Some examples would be if your son or daughter had been involved in several prior accidents which would put you on notice that they were not a safe driver.  Excessive speeding tickets, a DWI, or other serious infractions could be another indicator to you that your child was an unsafe driver.  Therefore, you should be very careful before you let your children drive to make sure they are safe and competent drivers.