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Are Large Oil Trucks a Threat to Drivers on Dallas Roadways?

Are Large Oil Trucks a Threat to Drivers on Dallas Roadways?Any truck that is carrying a liquid load is at a high risk of a being involved in a dangerous rollover accident. Due to the high number of oil fields and refineries in Texas, our highways are often crowded with oil tanker trucks. The sheer number of tanker trucks on the roads in Dallas increases the likelihood that they will cause or be involved in a dangerous accident.

Safety Issues Specific to Tanker Trucks

One of the main safety issues concerning tanker trucks involves the loads they carry. The liquid contained in the trucks large tank can slosh. If the sloshing continues, building momentum, or if a sudden move causes the load to slosh suddenly to one side, a serious rollover accident can occur.

Too often, our Dallas 18 wheeler wreck lawyers have seen large oil trucks cause an accident in this way. Driving too fast for conditions or swerving suddenly, their loads get the best of them and before they know it, they have caused a massive multi-vehicle accident on Dallas Mixmaster.

Avoiding a Dallas Tanker Truck Accident

We encourage you to keep your distance when approaching or passing an oil tanker truck. As always, keep your eyes focused on the road and note the driving behaviors of those around you—especially large, commercial vehicles.

While truck drivers should ensure that their load is properly secured, they do not always do so. If you have been hurt during an accident with a semi-truck in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, contact an experienced, aggressive attorney at 972-774-9800 for your free consultation.