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Are Failed Brakes a Common Auto Defect?

Are failed brakes a common auto defectWhile not overly common, braking system defects can and do occur. Recent examples of poorly designed braking systems include the recalls of:

  • 1.5 million Toyotas due to defects in the brake and fuel pump systems.
  • 119,072 Chryslers for a defect in a fuse for the antilock braking system.
  • 130,000 Cadillacs for a problem with the brake hose fitting.

As a Dallas vehicle defect attorney who often works on motor vehicle cases, I know just how much damage a defective vehicle can do. While recalls can go a long way toward preventing serious Texas motor vehicle accidents, I can’t help be wonder why so many vehicles have to be recalled, and why auto makers are producing so many flawed cars and trucks.

The Information You Need

In order to help you better understand just how and why car makers produce dangerous vehicles, our Dallas personal injury attorneys have written a book. The book, Risky Rides: What Auto Companies Don’t Want you to Know, outlines the various ways the auto manufacturing industry works to hide their flaws.

These dangerous business practices put you and your family at risk. Because of this, it is time that those hurt during an accident in a defective car in Dallas or anywhere in the nation hold the auto industry accountable for their actions.

For the legal help you need, call 972-774-9800 today. By scheduling your free consultation with an experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer from the team of Guajardo & Marks, you will be one step closer to sending a message to the auto industry—and a step nearer to getting the compensation for your injuries you deserve to recover the losses caused by a Texas motor vehicle accident.