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Are Electrical Burns a Common Dallas Consturction Injury?

At a construction site, sources of electricity abound. For example, during the construction of a new house, there are multiple sources of electricity. The house itself will be wired for electricity. Then there is the electricity that powers common construction tools; often provided by high-powered generators.

While electricity is crucial to modern building techniques, it is also highly dangerous; especially when site foremen and contractors don’t provide a safe working environment.

Electrical Injuries Cause Serious Injuries

Many of the injuries associated with an electrical shock can affect the accident victim for life, possibly causing serious damage that leads to long-term disability.

As Dallas construction site accident attorneys we have seen the terrible impact an electrical injury can have on a construction worker. Injuries range from burns to serious internal injuries. Unfortunately, the accident that caused the injuries can often be traced back to a lack of concern for worker safety.

While a construction site has some inherent dangers, these dangers are magnified when job site foremen, contractors, and subcontractors cut corners. In order to save time and money, your boss may put your life at risk. This kind of behavior shows a blatant lack of concern for construction workers, and it cannot be tolerated.

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