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Are All Defective Texas vehicles Covered under the Lemon Law?

Are All Defective Texas vehicles Covered under the Lemon Law?No. The Texas lemon law does offer car buyers some protection from the losses associated with buying a new car that breaks down often due to the same mechanical issue. However, if a serious defect in your car caused an accident or made the damages sustained during the accident worse, the lemon law will not cover all your losses.

When Defective Vehicles Cause Accidents

Breaking down in your new car is one thing. Being seriously hurt or losing a loved one during an accident caused by a defective vehicle or car part is another. The manufacturer of your vehicle has the duty to ensure that the vehicles they produce are free from serious, dangerous defects.

When vehicles are defective—when the car maker fails to protect you as a motorist—then they have not lived up to their end of the deal. If it’s proven that a defective part in your car or truck caused serious injuries, then you can and should be compensated for your losses.

But a Texas defective car lawsuit does not just ensure that you have the money you need to pay for medical expenses. A lawsuit against the car manufacturing company sends this message: If you fail to make a safe vehicle, you will be held accountable.
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