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Common Injuries Caused by Airbag Defects in Dallas

Common Injuries Caused by Airbag Defects in DallasWhen choosing a vehicle, you may or may not consider the airbags with which the vehicle is equipped and their placement. The amount of airbags and their location can affect a vehicle’s safety rating. The safety rating often is an important factor for car buyers in Dallas, especially for families with young children.

After purchasing an airbag-equipped vehicle, you may feel safer traveling in it than you felt traveling in your previous vehicle with fewer or no airbags. Sadly, even airbags can malfunction and can cause injuries to a driver and his or her passengers. An airbag malfunction is considered a motor vehicle defect.

Common Injuries Caused by Airbag Defects in Dallas

  • Facial injuries. The force of a deploying airbag can cause damage to a passenger’s face. A broken nose, crushed cheek bones, or black eyes are commonly associated with an airbag malfunction.
  • Neck injuries. Airbags deploy with extreme force and speed. When they deploy late or inadvertently, it can cause damage to the neck. This can cause the neck to become sprained, fractured, or broken.
  • Head injuries. An airbag which deploys and strikes the head can result in a head injury. It also can cause the head to strike against other objects in the vehicle, such as a window, visor, or headrest.

If you were involved in an airbag malfunction in Dallas, or another type of motor vehicle defect, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages. Contact a Dallas vehicle defect attorney at Guajardo & Marks to learn more about how you can obtain the compensation you deserve. Call 972-774-9800 today, and we will schedule a time for you to meet with an experienced attorney in a free case evaluation.