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Safety Tips for Choosing the Correct Ladder

Safety Tips for Choosing the Correct LadderOne of the most frequently used tools at a construction site is a ladder. You will see a ladder at nearly all construction sites. Perhaps not surprisingly, a ladder also is one of the main causes for construction site accidents in Dallas. The proper use of this tool is vital to the safety of construction workers.

To use a ladder safely, it is important to know about the different types of ladders and for what they are used. Knowing the different types and their proper use will help you make wise decisions regarding which ones to use on your job site.

Common Ladders Used on Construction Sites

  • Step ladder. A step ladder is a self-supported ladder, frequently in the shape of an “A.” It does not lean against anything. It can be used in a variety of situations where there is nothing to use for support, such as underneath a tree or in the middle of a room.
  • Extension ladder. Also known as a straight ladder, these often are used to reach high places, such as high walls or a roof. They must lean against a surface in order to support them for use.
  • Platform ladder. A platform ladder is a front step ladder with a platform as its top step. They provide a good deal of stability when using it for long periods of time. It allows a construction worker to use both hands freely.
  • Telescoping ladder. The legs of a telescoping ladder can slide in and out to adjust its height. This is one of the more common ladders used by construction workers.

Were You Involved in a Ladder Accident? Call a Dallas Construction Injury Lawyer

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