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How to Take Pictures of Your Dallas Truck Accident

Take Pictures of Your Dallas Truck AccidentWith any type of vehicular accident claim, it is important to have evidence to present your case. By gathering the appropriate evidence and giving it to your attorney, you will have a much stronger case in your favor. To build a strong case you will want to have pictures, witness statements, medical records and expert witnesses.

Pictures can play a huge role in proving that you are not at fault. Pictures can help to explain a lot during a case. They are also very hard to dispute. Take pictures of your Dallas truck accident and include:

  • Vehicles—Take pictures of both your vehicle and the truck. Take pictures from different angles, as sometimes glares can make the damage difficult or even impossible to see. Also, take pictures from three different distances. First take a set of pictures from three to five feet. The next set should be from 10 to 15 feet. Then take pictures from 20 to 40 feet away.
  • Road and intersections—Taking pictures of the road and intersection will help explain how the accident happened. It will also refresh your memory about the accident. Be sure to include street names and traffic signs.
  • Skids—If there are any skid marks, be sure to get photographs of them. Skid marks can actually tell quite a bit about what happened. Even if there are no skid marks you should still take pictures, as it can show the driver was not paying attention and failed to brake.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you will need the counsel of an experienced Dallas 18-wheeler accident attorney at Guajardo & Marks.