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Defective Car Crash in Dallas: Recoverable Damages

Defective Car Crash in DallasAs drivers, we put a lot of faith in our vehicles. We are putting our lives in the hands of our vehicle every time we put it into drive. Have you ever thought about what would happen in the case of a defective tire, brake, motor or any other part of the vehicle? The odds are that you will end up in an accident.

Accidents that involve vehicle defects in Dallas can—and do—happen, and often times are the cause of serious injuries and even death. The damages that are incurred due to your defective car crash in Dallas can be recovered through a claim or lawsuit. Some of the damages that you can receive compensation for are:

  • Medical expenses—Medical expenses that were due to an auto accident injury in Wisconsin can be recovered. This includes expenses such as doctor visits, hospital visits, emergency room expenses, chiropractic care, massage, physical therapy and medical devices, to name a few.
  • Future medical expenses—Any continuing medical expenses due to an accident can be recovered. The amount that will be recovered will be determined by doctors and medical providers.
  • Pain and suffering—Pain and suffering damages include physical pain resulting from your injury. The damages are based on the severity of the pain and how long you will likely be in pain.
  • Mental anguish—Any type of mental or emotional distress you suffer as a result of an accident can also be claimed.
  • Lost Wages—Wages that would have been earned from the time of injury to the settlement or judgment may be recovered. Future wages due to the loss of earning capacity may also be recovered.
  • Property damage—Damages to property that were caused by the accident can be recovered.

Dealing with a faulty vehicle can be very scary. An experienced defective car attorney at Guajardo & Marks can get you the compensation you deserve, in the event of a car accident. Call 877-290-1382 today for your free consultation