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Buckle Up to Prevent Injury in a Texas Car Accident

Buckle Up to Prevent Injury in a Texas Car AccidentIf you are in Dallas for any length of time, you will most likely see an ad or billboard reminding you to buckle your seatbelt. These ads are a reminder that seatbelts save lives. It has actually been proven that seatbelts are very effective. Many people involved in car accidents in Dallas have walked away uninjured due to the proper use of a seatbelt.

Seatbelts are designed to hold the passenger safely in a seat in an accident. By just taking a quick glance at a seatbelt, you wouldn’t think there is much to it. That is not the case at all. Seatbelts have been specifically engineered to maximize your safety. Some of the features that have been integrated into the modern seatbelt are:

  • Adjustable upper belt – An adjustable upper belt lets you change the position of the shoulder strap to accommodate a person’s size. Adjustable belts make passengers more likely to wear the belt because the adjustments make it much more comfortable. It also places the seatbelt in the proper position across the chest.
  • Seat belt pretensioner – Pretensioners retract the belt in order to remove excess slack very quickly in the event of an accident. It is important to still adjust the seatbelt so that it fits as snugly as possible.
  • Energy management – This feature allows the seatbelt to give during a severe car wreck to prevent the shoulder belt from hurting the chest.

Seatbelts have come a long way in the past few decades and even more so in the past few years. If you have been injured in an accident you may be entitled to compensation. To receive the compensation you deserve, contact a Dallas car wreck lawyer at Guajardo & Marks.