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Common Causes of Dallas Truck Wrecks

Common Causes of Dallas Truck WrecksAs drivers of the average passenger vehicle, we look up at large 18-wheelers with awe—and with anxiety. Sometimes it feels like we are competing for road space with these massive trucks. They’re so big, it’s hard to imagine how they keep between the lines as they navigate down the road.

The truth is, trucks don’t always stay in their own lanes. Like other vehicles, trucks accidents are an unfortunate part of driving. Because of the weight and density of a truck, a lot of damage can be done when one is involved in a Dallas 18-wheeler accident. Some of the most common causes of Dallas truck wrecks are:

  • Drug use – This is actually the number one cause of trucking accidents in Texas. It plays a factor in over 25% of truck crashes. This includes the use of prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drugs.
  • Speeding – As with any other vehicle, drivers are often in a hurry and feel pressure to arrive at their destination, which leads them to speed. Speeding is a factor in over 23% of trucking accidents.
  • Blind spot – Trucks, being so large, have blind spots. Failure to check blind spots is one of the most common causes of tragedy—it plays a factor in nearly 14% of trucking accidents.
  • Driver fatigue – Driver fatigue is a problem for truckers. They have long hauls that must arrive by a certain time. Even with laws that limit the driving time of a truck driver each day, it still plays a role in 13% of crashes.

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