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Pay Attention to These Deadly Job Site Hazards

Pay Attention to These Deadly Job Site HazardsFalls, electrocution, crush accidents and struck-by accidents represent the four most hazardous events that can occur on a job site. As a Dallas construction worker, you already know how dangerous your job can be. Perhaps you’ve even had a close call of your own, or seen a co-worker injured in one of these ways.

Though there are risks involved with construction work, there are also ways that both you and your boss can help minimize these risks. For example, falls represent the type of accident with the most reported fatalities. But most fall accidents could have been prevented. There are guidelines in place to help protect construction workers from falls, yet they are sometimes ignored. Why?

Too often, workers are made to rush through a job. They may be pressured to ignore safety guidelines, even if they know that safety equipment such as a harness could save their lives. Forced to choose between keeping their job and protecting their health, they choose to keep their job by performing the job in a way that endangers their lives.

If you have lost a loved one due to a fall on a Dallas construction site, or if you were injured yourself, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Do not let your employer get away with it. Do not allow them to continue to endanger the lives of your co-workers.

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