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Oil Industry Rules May Heighten Your Risk of a Dallas Truck Accident

Oil Industry Rules May Heighten Your Risk of a Dallas Truck AccidentIn order to keep themselves and the motorists around them safe, truck drivers must follow certain hours of service rules. These rules dictate how many hours they can work without rest and are intended to help truckers get the sleep they need to do their job safely.

Clearly, these rules are a good idea. Unfortunately, not all drivers have to follow them.

Drivers who work in the oil and gas industries are allowed to work longer hours and take shorter breaks than other truck drivers. Their rules are different due to exemptions for truck drivers in the oil and gas industries. Our Dallas personal injury attorneys have seen the terrible impact the exemptions have, yet it seems that they are here to stay.

Rules Exemptions Put All of us in Danger

It doesn’t matter if you drive an 18-wheeler or a Prius hybrid—these exemptions create an unsafe driving environment for anyone on the road. Even the National Transportation Safety Board has stated that it “strongly opposed” the current hours of service rules for oil and gas truckers, asking that they be changed to look more like those of the average long-haul truck driver.

Work done by safety experts to change the exemptions has come to nothing. So far nobody has been able to get rid of the dangerous exemptions, even when drivers with the oil and gas industry have begged that they be changed.

“It is UNSAFE to expect truck drivers to work longer than that. Why else would the FMCSA be proposing to reduce the driving hours from 10 to 11, and the duty hours to 13 from 14?” stated Garr Farrell, a oil field driver from Ore City, TX. “Just because you are on an Oilfield site does not make you any less vulnerable to the effects of fatigue!”

This statement from Farrell was part of a comment on the proposed rule to do away with most oil field trucking safety exemptions. Unfortunately, the exemptions still stand, putting lives at risk each and every day.

If you are an oil field truck driver, or have been hit by an 18-wheeler drilling supplies, you already know how dangerous the exemptions are. Know your rights. Call 972-774-9800 to speak with a Dallas truck accident attorney who is ready to fight for you and your family. Call today.