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Getting Crushed on a Construction Site

Getting Crushed on a Construction SiteToo many Texas construction workers have been involved in a workplace accident so terrible that it’s the stuff of movies—being crushed.

This serious construction site accident is all too common, accounting for over 90 construction worker deaths in 2008 alone. There are many factors that can lead to a worker getting crushed on a construction site, including:

  • Crushed under a fallen wall or other crumbling structure
  • Caught between a fork lift and the ground
  • Pinned under a piece of equipment that has fallen over
  • Dragged into the moving parts or pieces of machinery
  • Trapped under dirt or equipment while working in a trench

As a construction site is chalk full of hazards, there are nearly limitless ways that a worker can be harmed. While we all know that construction comes with some inherent risks, we also know that it’s up to the employer to provide a relatively safe working environment. This means that he should provide you with the right safety equipment and training to help you avoid being crushed or caught between two objects at work.

If Your Employer Did Not Protect You

If you were hurt on the job in Dallas, there is something you can do. You do not have to accept the first offer of compensation you get, and if your employer was at fault, you may be entitled to more than you think.

Don’t be left holding the bill for injuries caused by a construction site accident in Dallas. For legal advice you can trust, call 972-774-9800 today and schedule your free consultation with a Dallas construction lawyer who ready to help you fight—and win.