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Why are there so Many Dangerous Truck Drivers

Unfortunately, Texas roadways are full of dangerous truck drivers.  The public would be surprised to know how many truckers are on drugs, in poor health, drunk or fatigued.  Due to a shortage of experienced, qualified truck drivers, trucking companies are hiring just the opposite.  And in doing so, trucking companies are violating the rules applicable to hiring drivers.  Trucking companies are fudging on drug screens, prior employment references, looking at prior driving records and overlooking health exams.  Why?  Because they’re not making money if their trucks aren’t moving.  They will let anyone who has a commercial driver’s license hit the road.  The cost?  Thousands of people are hurt every year due to dangerous truckers.  At one time in the recent past, the largest trucking in America was averaging an accident everyday, and a fatality accident every two weeks.  So, be careful out there–you never know whose driving that 18 wheeler next to you!