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Safer Driving? There’s a Texting and Driving App for That

Texting and Driving AppRecently, many new safe driving apps have been released. Most are free and work by blocking text and/or phone functions while driving.

AT&T, Sprint, and many other companies have developed apps designed to remove the temptation of reading and sending texts while driving.

One free app, made by PhoneGuard Inc., is free and is now available for iPhones, BlackBerry devices and Android devices. The app is free, in large part, because of money raised by the Remember Alex Brown Foundation.

Family Working to Honor Lost Loved One

Alex Brown was a senior in high school when she was killed in a single-car accident. Alex was alone in the car, texting and driving, when she lost control of the vehicle. Now, Alex’s friends and family members are working hard to honor her life and ensure that others get the message: Texting and driving can be a deadly combination.

We are Dallas car accident lawyers that have seen the tragic effects of texting while driving. Did you know that when you look at your phone for just five seconds while you are traveling at 50 mph, it’s the same as driving the length of a football field blindfolded?

You wouldn’t drive blindfolded, so why would you text and drive? We know that the temptation to send just one quick text, to read just one quick email, can be hard to resist. Because of this, our Dallas personal injury attorneys are glad to see so many apps being created to block texting abilities while driving. Many apps have a function that will send out an automated text response to anyone who texts you, letting them know that you will answer their text when you arrive at your destination.

Please, join us in pledging to stop texting and driving. One life saved is well worth the effort.

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