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Do You Know What to Do If Your Car Catches on Fire?

Do You Know What to Do If Your Car Catches on Fire?If you answered this question with, “Well, duh! Run!” you are right.

However, there are some steps that you may not have considered and some advice that bears repeating, even if it seems obvious.

Protect Yourself, Passengers

Lifeguards are trained not only to save others, but also to protect themselves. If the lifeguard ends up in trouble, the swimmer and the lifeguard could both drown. The same logic holds true during a car fire. Safety experts agree that the best way to ensure that you can help your family get out of the car is to get yourself out first. This means no leaning around your seat to help children out of their seats, and no grabbing for items such as your wallet or cell phone.

If your car is on fire, get out of the vehicle before you do anything else, and then move quickly to the other doors and help everyone else out. As soon as all occupants are out of the car, it’s time to run. No matter how small the fire seems, do not open the hood to take a closer look or try to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. Get away from your car, away from traffic, and call 911.


Well-meaning passersby may try to help put out the fire. If you and your family are out of the vehicle and safe, warn other people to stay away from the car and assure them that nobody is inside. If they park too close to your car, ask them to move their vehicle. The last thing anyone wants is to have several cars catch on fire or other people to be injured.

Generally, even if a fire is contained before it engulfs the vehicle, it does serious damage. And, more often than not the fire was caused by a mechanical defect or error.

If you believe that your car, truck, or SUV caught on fire because of an automotive defect, protect yourself and your rights by contacting a Dallas auto defect attorney.

The car maker will have a team of attorneys on its side. Who do you have? Call Guajardo & Marks at 972-774-9800 today to schedule your free consultation with a Dallas car accident attorney who has the power and the resources to take on the car company responsible for producing a defective, dangerous vehicle.