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Don’t Go It Alone: Get Help After a Dallas Truck Accident

Help After a Dallas Truck AccidentI was seriously injured during a semi truck accident.

A family member was hurt badly when a large truck hit our car.

I lost my spouse during a crash with an 18-wheeler.

If any of the above statements sound familiar, your life has been changed in an instant. As a trucking accident attorney in Dallas who often works with Texas truck accident victims and their families, I have heard stories like these time and time again. It doesn’t get easier, hearing about the terrible aftermath of a truck accident. But it does give us the knowledge that we are helping people who truly need our help.

Unfortunately, the crash, the ensuing medical care, and the life-changing injuries are just the beginning of your battle. Soon, the insurance company will call, asking you to settle your case. The last thing you want to do is deal with an insurance company, to put a number on your losses. But they want you to settle, and they want you to settle now, before you get an attorney, before you realize just how much this accident is going to cost you.

The trucking company is looking out for its best interests—for its bottom line. By getting you to sign an offer of compensation without the advice of an attorney, they know they will save thousands of dollars. Do not let the trucking company win. Do not be left without the money you need to pay medical bills, replace your car and cover your extensive losses.

Help After a Dallas Truck Accident

If you have more questions, or are considering filing a lawsuit for damages related to the crash, do not hesitate to call 972-774-9800. Making an appointment for your free consultation is simple, and it may just save you thousands of dollars.