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Mother of Dallas Accident Victim: “Please, pay attention”

Mother of Dallas Accident VictimWhile an official cause of a serious traffic accident on the Dallas North Tollway has not been announced, many, to include the mother of a man seriously injured during the crash, believe they know why the accident happened.

Jose Sepulveda was the first to be hit by a DART paratransit van that neither slowed nor stopped before slamming into his car. This caused a chain reaction that involved five vehicles and injured two motorists. Sepulveda was the most seriously injured, and his mother is speaking out against what she believed caused the accident.

Distraction Thought to Be Cause of Accident

Rosa Sepulveda is Jose’s mother. After watching video of the crash, she couldn’t believe that the van’s driver didn’t even slow down before hitting her son, who was stopped in traffic at the time of the crash.

“I was upset and angry because [the DART driver] never tried to stop,” said Ms. Sepulveda. “He never paid attention, and I’m still asking why can he drive and not pay attention.”

Distraction is a major cause of accidents in Dallas and across the nation, and Ms. Sepulveda wants to make sure that drivers work harder to keep their eyes and minds on the road.

“They don’t know the damage they do to a lot of people like my son,” stated Ms. Sepulveda. “He has a family and his little kids depend on him. Please, pay attention.”

Our Dallas accident attorneys agree that distraction causes far too many car crashes. We hope that drivers will heed the advice of Ms. Sepulveda, that they will see this terrible crash as a reminder, working harder to pay attention to the road and, perhaps, save a life.

This recent incident reminds us that a distracted driving accident can strike anywhere, without notice. If you or a close friend has been injured due to the negligence of another in a Texas highway accident, contact Guajardo & Marks. Do not be left without the compensation needed to pay for a lifetime of medical bills, pain and suffering. Call 972-774-9800 today to schedule your free consultation with a Dallas personal injury lawyer.