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The Safest Way to Travel With a Dog

The Safest Way to Travel With a DogWhile you may or may not agree with everything presidential hopeful Mitt Romney does and says, many agree that strapping your dog’s kennel to the top of the car is not the best idea.

Though many pet safety experts were shocked by the admission, some are doing something truly presidential: putting a positive spin on the story. Many are glad that the buzz over the Romney’s car-surfing dog has opened a discussion about the best ways to travel with your pet.

The Safest Way to Travel With a Dog

A kennel, when stowed securely in the interior of the car, does help keep your dog out of your lap and out from under your feet. However, if an accident were to occur the dog would strike the inside of the crate, potentially causing serious harm.

A safer way to restrain your pooch is to purchase a specially made harness. The harness is padded, and many models attach to the car’s seatbelt system. In this way, should you stop quickly or get into an accident, the dog would be held fast by the harness, protecting the occupants of the car—both human and canine.

Why not save a few bucks and tie the dog’s leash up to the car’s seatbelt? Dog experts recommend the harness over a leash. A leash, if tied to the interior of the car, could wind up hurting the pet’s neck as the dog flies forward in an accident.

As a Dallas car accident lawyer I know a lot about car safety. I have seen people injured during a crash in Dallas not only by their pets but by other unsecured items as well. Please help keep your family safe this summer road trip season. Buckle up your kids and your dogs, and stow all loose items safely in the trunk.

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