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Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer Road Trip Safety TipsYou all pile in the car, thinking you’re ready for your big summer road trip. You turn the key… and nothing happens.

Wait—did you get your car serviced? Did a reliable mechanic look it over to ensure it’s road ready? No? Well, then we are guessing that you may have missed some other important road trip safety tips as well.

A Boy Scout prides himself on being ready for anything. When preparing for your next road trip, take on the attitude of a Boy Scout and prepare by following the summer road trip safety tips listed below:

  • Get your vehicle serviced
  • Create an emergency roadside kit
  • Check installation of all car seats and boosters
  • Pack below the windows, both side and back
  • Don’t allow heavy, loose items in the car
  • If possible, put all luggage under a cargo net, in the trunk, or on a rooftop carrier
  • Secure all pets
  • Get enough rest
  • Take turns driving
  • Travel during the day

This is a short list, but following even these few simple tips can help you avoid mishaps on the road.

As a Dallas car accident attorney, I have seen too many injuries caused by dangerous behaviors, such as allowing pets to ride on the driver’s lap or driving while overly tired. Your vacation will only be fun if you arrive to your destination safe and sound. We hope that you, and the drivers around you, will do their best to stay safe this summer.

If you find yourself the victim of a car accident in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, it is still wise to be prepared. In this case that means speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney before signing anything from the insurance company. Do not sign your rights away. Call 972-774-9800 today.