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Bees a Real Buzz Kill on Galleria Construction Site

While one or two bees buzzing around your soda don’t pose much of a threat, an entire swarm located on the equipment you are using most certainly does.

Such was the case in Galleria recently, when a swarm of bees made their home in a construction crane. A bee stung one construction worker, but no workers were seriously injured. A local pest control company safely removed the bees. The bees were not killed, but instead taken to a new home. Soon after the removal, work on the Texas construction site resumed. However, this situation could have ended much differently.

Bees: Not the Only Natural Danger Construction Workers Face

Bees and other stinging insects represent just one of the many natural or environmental hazards that construction workers face. While some of these hazards are unavoidable, there are many times when, as an attorney, I have seen workers put in harm’s way, despite the clear dangers to their well being.

Workers may be pressured to continue to work, despite incoming storms. In older homes undergoing a remodel or tear down, wild animals may present a serious threat. At times, it is up employers to ensure that a jobsite is safe, yet they often overlook the natural hazards that have the potential to harm workers.

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