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Dallas Construction Site Hazards You May Not Know About

Dallas Construction Site Hazards You May Not Know AboutIf you are a Texas construction worker, you likely know a lot about Dallas construction site hazards. The more commonly discussed job site hazards include:

  • Falls from a height (i.e., scaffolding and rooftops)
  • Power tools
  • Heavy equipment
  • Electricity
  • Chemical hazards (i.e., gas fumes and asbestos)

But something you may not have considered is the threat that natural forces and elements present.

While many construction workers see working outside as a benefit, it does not come without its risks. In North Texas, the weather can turn on a dime: a perfectly nice day turning stormy before you know it. Some of the most common natural hazards are:

  • Extreme heat. This can cause heat stroke, sunburn, and even permanent damage to the brain.
  • Extreme cold. Hypothermia and frostbite are common injuries associated with very cold temperatures.
  • Storms. In Dallas, we have to be wary of warm weather storms. Tornados, high winds, and lighting are common during these weather events and can do serious damage.
  • Animals. Snakes, stinging insects, and biting animals can all be encountered on a job site.

These threats to your health can and should be managed not just by you, but by your employer as well. In a rush to finish a job as quickly as possible, you may be pressured into working through a storm or through the heat of the day without proper sun protection.

If you believe that your Dallas construction site accident was caused by the actions or inactions of your employer, you should contact an experienced Dallas construction accident attorney today. Do not settle for less than your case is worth. Call 877.290.1382 today to schedule your free, confidential appointment.