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Determining the Cause of Brake Failure

Determining the Cause of Brake FailureYou will never forget the feeling of panic as you pressed down on your brake pedal, only to feel it fall to the floor.

Brake failure represents one of the most serious auto defects, especially when the braking system fails while the vehicle travels at a high rate of speed. After an accident caused by a defective braking system, the question on everyone’s mind is the same: Why did the brakes fail?

Determining the Cause of Brake Failure

In order to determine the cause of a Texas brake failure accident, it is crucial that a professional, trusted mechanic examine the vehicle. Novice mechanics can miss a defect in the braking system, thereby overlooking the true cause of the failure. Sometimes, shoddy workmanship is to blame for the bad brakes, while other times the brakes were poorly designed, leading to a higher risk of failure.

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