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The Most Dangerous Roads in Dallas

The Most Dangerous Roads in DallasA recently published study, conducted by the American Transportation Institute, highlights the dangers of semi-truck rollover accidents. Texas and the Dallas metro area were both high on the list of deadly large truck crashes. If you commute on one the most dangerous roads in Dallas, you might want to rethink your route:

  • Central Expressway and CF Hawn Freeway/US 175
  • SR 183, SR 114, SR 12 and SR 482
  • 1-30/US 67 and I-35E/US 77
  • I-35 W and Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway/US 287

All four of these locations had at least nine deadly rollover accidents during a five-year period. While safety experts are still looking at the data, deciding what to do about the dangerous area, there is something you can do to lower your risk of getting into an accident with a semi truck.

Is It Time to Switch Up Your Commute?

Guajardo & Marks hope that you are able to look at the data presented in this study and take a closer look at your commute. Is there a way to avoid these dangerous sections of roadway? Though truck accidents don’t happen there every day, they happen often enough, and are deadly enough, to have captured the attention of a national safety organization.

No matter your commute route, if you have been hurt during an 18-wheeler wreck in Dallas or anywhere in Texas, don’t settle for second best. Call¬†972-774-9800 to speak with a Dallas car accident attorney with the skills, resources and passion to take on the trucking industry and win.