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Compensation After a Spinal Cord Injury

Compensation After a Spinal Cord InjuryAs a Dallas truck accident lawyer, it is my job to ensure that those hurt during an accident with a semi-truck in Dallas or anywhere in Texas get the compensation after a spinal cord injury they need.

While this is true in every case I take, there are instances—such as in the case of a spinal cord injury—where it is crucial that the injury victim and her family get the money they need. The money you need after a spinal cord injury caused by an accident with a semi truck does not just include medical expenses. Medical bills are a huge expense, but there are other costs to consider as well.

Total Cost of Spinal Cord Injury Goes Beyond Medical Expenses

If the insurance company has already contacted you, the claims adjuster may have discussed a compensation package that seemed fair. However, our Dallas truck accident lawyers know all too well that this is almost never the case. For compensation to cover the true impact of a spinal cord injury, the following costs must be included:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity (ability to participate in activities enjoyed before the accident)
  • Cost of initial medical care
  • Cost of ongoing (lifelong) medical care
  • Cost of assistive devices
  • Cost of home and car modifications

Figuring out just how much you should be compensated for losses associated with a spinal cord injury can be difficult. Do not settle for less than your case is worth. Call 972-774-9800 today to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with an attorney from Guajardo & Marks. Please do not accept an offer of compensation without first speaking to a Dallas truck accident attorney with the experience and compassion to get you the money you need, both now and in the future.