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An Exploding Electric Car Battery? That Can’t Be Good

An Exploding Electric Car Battery? That Can't Be GoodIt’s not good, not good at all! At a General Motors laboratory, employees were testing a battery for an electric vehicle when the chemicals in the battery exploded, injuring one worker and blowing out several windows and a door.

While officials at the plant assured reporters that the testing was “extreme,” we can’t help but wonder about the safety of this type of battery. Already there have been two other instances of electric car batteries being flawed in a serious enough manner to make them dangerous. Two different companies made the other batteries, but both carried with them the very real threat of fire and explosion.

Does New Technology Mean New Dangers?

Safety experts are concerned that with new auto industry technology being developed at such a rapid pace, consumers may soon find themselves in cars that are more dangerous than useful. The many recalls and warning over electric car batteries are one example of what some fear could become a terrible new trend.

As a Dallas vehicle defect attorney, I have seen firsthand the affects that dangerous, defective vehicles can have on accident victims and their families. Too often, we find that the car company put their profits before the safety and well-being of the customer. Car defects can and do cause serious accidents.

If you think that your Texas car crash was caused or made worse by a defective vehicle, you have the right to be heard, to stand up for your rights as a consumer and an accident victim. Call 972-774-9800 today to speak with a Dallas car accident attorney with the resources and expertise to help you defend your rights, get the compensation you need.