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The Four Most Dangerous Cities for Texas Drivers

The Four Most Dangerous Cities for Texas DriversDark clouds have been hanging over the heads of drivers in the major cities of Texas—and we’re not talking about spring thunderstorms.

Men’s Health recently released a list of the most dangerous cities for drivers and not one, but four Texas cities are near the top of this list. Lubbock topped the list of Texas cities, with Dallas, Austin and Houston following not far behind. Texans may hang their heads in shame when they hear that, but as a Dallas car accident lawyer, I think that there may be a silver lining to the dark clouds of this shameful driving behavior.

From Worst to Best?

We all know that Texans are proud of their state, and that when we put our minds to it we can move mountains. The news that many of our fair cities were listed as some of the most dangerous for motorists has the power to affect positive change.

By looking at the main causes of these accidents—often drunk and reckless driving—safety experts and state and local officials can find ways prevent them. By identifying the problem and finding solutions—be it safety campaigns or stricter drunk driving laws—we have the chance to make our city streets safer.

If we all work harder to affect positive change—to stop a friend from driving drunk or working with a public safety campaign—we can help Lubbock and other Texas cities lower their rate of serious car accidents.

If you have been hurt during an accident in Lubbock or anywhere in North Texas, ensure that you get the injury compensation you deserve. While we can’t prevent all accidents, our Dallas personal injury lawyers can fight for the rights of accident victims and help provide information that might just save a life. Please call 972-774-9800 today to speak with a Dallas car accident attorney who truly cares for you and your family.